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Trpanj is situated on western part of Peljesac peninsula. Once an important harbor on Peljesac and mainly fishing village, despite it's tourist development - Trpanj retains it's Mediterranean architecture and peaceful, relaxed atmosphere.

 Beautiful beaches surrounded by groves of pine, numerous inlets, lavish Mediterranean vegetation and fresh water springs provide you with pitoresque setting for your vacation. Considering that temperature here is 7 °C in January and 26 °C in July, you can count on reliable warm Mediterranean climate while enjoying crystal clean sea of Peljesac bay trough the summer and long into autumn, or long seaside walking path in shade of pines during seasons. 


Considering that Trpanj is relatively small (less than 1000 permanent inhabitants), and has only one hotel - it's calm and not too crowded, making it ideal destination for family vacation. Yet, it has quite a few good restaurants offering both common international menus and local fish specialties along with famous Peljesac wines and brandy. There are numerous cafes, two or three small discotheques, and organized open air parties, so there is a bit of fun for all generations.

If you walk trough narrow streets of old part of Trpanj or walk around hills surrounding Trpanj, you can feel it's rich historical background in the remains of old roman villa, a mediaeval fortress which rise on the hill above the port or in one on numerous churches in and around Trpanj with interesting cultural and historical artifacts.

Nearby - Jezero beachTrpanj is well connected to the mainland (ferry) and by Peljesac main road to Dubrovnik, so you shouldn't miss at least some off the following daily trip destinations:


Definitely a must - you should take car or boat trip to Duba, Divna or beach "Jezero" (lake) - in immediate proximity of Trpanj - beautiful beaches almost untouched by human hand. 

You could also visit small authentic villages inland as Donja and Gornja Vrucica and don't miss tasting or buying some of the best red wines in the world directly from the producers.

Also, within reach of one day trips are two cultural and historic pearls of Croatia: Korcula and Dubrovnik . You may also consider visiting Split (200 km) or relatively close pilgrimage destination Medjugorje.